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  • Andy Warhol

    Published:  Esquire Art 2007 – 2010 Every night now before I go to sleep I read deeply in Andy Warhol’s diaries. It is lovely being in the company of one of […]

  • Anish Kapoor

    Published:  Esquire Art 2007 – 2010 Anish Kapoor creates odd shapes that seem unafraid of their own mystery, or at times of their own perfection. He is not an artist who […]

  • Ron Arad

    Published:  Esquire Art 2007 – 2010 One of the great moments when the distinguished history of British snobbery met the limited world of British design was when Alan Clarke declared of […]

  • Baselitz

    Published:  Esquire Art 2007 – 2010 Some painters have all the luck. They invent or stumble across a style or a signature gesture early in their careers and then spend their […]

  • Beuys

    Published: Esquire Art 2007 – 2010 It is hard to know who to love, or who to stay with. It is clear that the government or the BBC or someone […]

  • Bridget Riley

    Published:  Esquire Art 2007 – 2010 Beauty. Subtlety. Repetition. Mystery. Delicacy.Serious. Cerebral. Unchanging. Determined. Mesmerising.There are really only a few living artists whose work these five nouns and five adjectives could […]