Famous Blue Raincoat

Saturday June 25, 2005 The Guardian

Lisa noticed that one of the boxes of old records had been moved from the corner of the garage, leaving a square of light-coloured cement. She asked Ted if he had touched the records but he shrugged and said that he had forgotten the boxes were ever there.

A Song

Saturday December 18, 2004, The Guardian

Noel was the driver that weekend in Clare, the only musician among them who did not drink. They were going to need a driver; the town was, they believed, too full of eager students and eager tourists; the pubs were impossible. For two or three nights they would aim for empty country pubs or private houses. Noel played the tin whistle with more skill than flair, better always accompanying a large group than playing alone.

Emmet and the historians

A review-essay published in the Dublin Review [Number 12 :: Autumn 2003]

- 1 -

Jorge Luis Borges’s story ‘Theme of the Traitor and the Hero’ was written in 1944.

House For Sale

A short story published in the Dublin Review

‘You must be fed up of them. Will they never stop coming?’ Tom O’Connor, her neighbour, stood at his front door and looked at her, waiting for a response.
‘I know,’ she said.
‘Just don’t answer the door. That’s what I’d do.’
Nora closed the garden gate.
‘They mean well. People mean well,’ she said.
‘Night after night,’ he said. ‘I don’t know how you put up with it.’
She wondered if she could get back into the house without having to answer him again. He was using a new tone with her, a tone he would never have tried before. He was speaking as though he had some authority over her.